4 Gourmet Thai Flavors
Authentic, Gluten-Free Thai Dinners
Chicken Fried Rice
Garlic Black Pepper Chicken
Chicken Pad Thai
Vegetable Coconut Red Curry
Our Inspiration (is you)
Genevieve Vang’s culinary journey began as a little girl in Laos during the Vietnam War. Growing up in dreadful refugee camps, there were times when even a mere sugar cube was enough to bring a smile to her face. Years later, when Genevieve’s family moved to Thailand, she became instantly captivated by the exotic tastes and flavors of the local cuisine. Thai food turned into a way for young Genevieve to create happier memories while simultaneously enjoying some of the most unique and delicious flavors in the world.

From there, she honed her culinary skills in France, and then moved on to Dearborn, Michigan to start her award winning restaurant, Bangkok 96. Throughout the entire journey, Genevieve’s love for food has kept her strong, vibrant, and healthy.
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